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Welcome to the website

of the regional IHSS - Chapter of Bulgaria




The main goal of the Bulgarian chapter of IHSS is to consolidate the efforts of the Bulgarian scientists in the field of the theoretical and applied humus substances research.

The scope of scientific interests includes:

* structure, properties, and genesis of humus substances;

* interactions of humus substances with heavy metals;

* application of humus substances for land reclamation;

* biological activity of humus substances;

* technologies of manufacturing and agricultural applications of humus substances;

* humus state of Bulgarian soils, etc.

We are glad to be a part of the world-wide humus research community. We are open for cooperation with other chapters of IHSS and welcome any kind of HUMUS SUBSTANCES ACTIVITIES.

This website presents information about Bulgarian Humic Substances Society (BHSS) - chapter of International Humic Substances Society (IHSS). The society was founded in 1997. At present, BHSS has a membership of 64 scientists and specialists. Individual members of IHSS - Bulgarian Chapter have a membership of 34 scientists. They are scientists and specialist from research institutes, Universities and private firms.


Membership - List of Members (Click here for CVs) with affiliation, phone and e-mail.

Documents - Click here for Membership Application form.

Management - Management body of the Society with phones and e-mails.

Activities - Activity of BHSS.

Editions - Proceedings, Monographs on humus substances

Conferences – Future Conferences, place, date, deadlines


Useful links and partners:

Институт по почвознание, Агротехнология и защита на растенията "Н.Пушкаров" / Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnology and Plant protection  "N. Poushkarov"

Лесотехнически Университет / University of Forestry

Международно дружество по хумусни вещества / International Humic Substances Society

Министерство на земеделието и храните / Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Национална служба за съвети в земеделието / National Agricultural Advisory Service

Министерство на образованието и науката / Ministry of Education and Science

Министерство на околната среда и водите / Ministry of Environment and Water

Изпълнителна агенция по околната среда / Executive Environmental Agency

Конвенция на ООН за борба с опустиняването / UNCCD

Рамкова конвенция на ООН за климатичните промени / UNFCCC

IHSS - Commonwealth of Independent states (CIS) chapter

IHSS - Polish chapter

Аграрен Университет, Пловдив / Agriculture University, Plovdiv

Институт за гората / Institute of Forestry, BAS


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