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About us








About us

The Bulgarian Humic substances Society (BHSS) -  was established in the Founding Assembly held December 2nd 1997.

After the 6th Meeting of IHSS, held in 1992 in Bari, Italy, the organization of Bulgarian chapter was started by  Prof. E. Filcheva with support of Prof. T. Boyadjiev.

The initial number of members was 25 they increased up to 61 in 2016. These scientists belong to the following scientific organizations and state institutions:

ISSAP N. Poushkarov;

University of Forestry;

Forest Research Institute, BAS; 

Dobroudga Agricultural Institute, Gen. Toshevo;

Institute of Organic Chemistry, BAS;

Institute of Geography, BAS;

University of Sofia;

Nuclear Regulation Agency;

State Enterprise Radioactive Wastes;

Agricultural University Plovdiv;

Institute of Viticulture and Enology, Pleven;

Ministry of Agriculture;


Most of the Bulgarian members belong to the Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection N. Poushkarov. The BHSS was officially registered in the court May 8, 1998, firm case N 731 (account 6812, v. 63, reg. IV, p. 32) with an Organization statute (developed by E. Filcheva and Sv. Rousseva). The board of the Society consisted of President, Secretary and Treasurer, elected on December 2nd 1997. BHSS was reregistered on the 25 June 2002 and December 3, 2012 with President, secretary, 4 members and technical secretary. 

The number of individual members (since 2016) of Bulgarian chapter of IHSS (marked with * - List of members) is 36.


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