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Venera Tsolova - CV

Venera Tsolova Tsolova

ISSAP N. Poushkarov Sofia

Office: ISSAP N. Poushkarov,

7 Shousse Bankya str., 1080 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359 2) 899424258; E-mail: venera_tsolova@abv.bg

Born: 27.12.1958, Vratza

Education: master degree in chemistry, 1982

Degrees: ISS N. Poushkarov: doctor, 2000, associate professor, 2006

Key research topics:

Soil Science, Geochemistry, Ecology;
Soil diagnosis and classification;
Processes and regimes in natural, reclaimed and anthropogenically altered soils;
Soil monitoring;
Disturbed, slightly productive and contaminated soils reclamation;
Technologies for sludge and industrial waste utilization.

Principles and Applications of Metrology in Chemistry. EC-JRC and Institute of Reference Materials and Measurements, Geel, Belgium. 07. 2003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Msc and phD students: PhD student (2010-2013)

Membership of Professional Societies: Bulgarian Soil Science Society; Bulgarian Humic Substances Society, International Humic Substances Society.

Membership of Scientific Councils: Scientific councils of Soil Chemistry Department  and Department of Soils Genesis, Geography and Classification

International projects after 2000:

Scientific and technical collaboration for the environmental improvement of the mining and industrial area of Madan (Bulgaria). University of Sassari and Institute of Soil Science N. Poushkarov. Legge Regionale 19/96. 2002-2004.

Journals editorial board:

Communication Languages: English, Russian, French

Publications: 70

Selected papers:

Marinkina (Tsolova) V., 1999. Study and possibilities for reclamation of sulphide-containing materials disclosed in open-cast mining. Ph.D Thesis. N. Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Academy, Sofia. p. 231.
     Misheva L., V. Tsolova, M. Banov, M. Poynarova, Y. Hadjiyanakiev, A. Zlatev., S. Kojuharova, S. Jelyazkova, Z. Vassileva, 2007. Possibilities for utilization of lands, polluted with radionuclides and heavy metals. Agricultural Academy and N. Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science, Sofia, 39 p.
    Teoharov M., S. Popandova, R. Kancheva, T. Atanassova, V. Tsolova, M. Banov, P. Ivanov, E. Filcheva, R. Ilieva, 2009. Reference data base for Bulgarian soils. Agricultural Academy and N. Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science, ISBN 978-954-9467-26-0. Pony Advertising and Publishing House, Sofia, p. 416.
    Tsolova V., M. Banov, 2004. Acid Degradation of Reclaimed Lands at Chukurovo Mine Region, Bulgaria. Journal of Balkan cology, vol. 7, 3: 326-331.
   Tsolova V., M. Banov. 2012. Review of the status and the diagnostic significance of organic matter in Techogenic soils (Technosols). Journal of Arts and Science. Sakarya University, Turkey. ISBN: 1301-3769. 701-708.
    Tsolova V., M. Banov, P. Ivanov, M. Hristova. 2011. Organic Matter Supply in Reclaimed Technosols of Bulgaria. Soil science, agrochemistry and ecology, vol. 1-4:55-58.
    Tsolova V., M. Hristova, V. Krasteva, V. Kolchakov. 2012. Relative evaluation of Technosols. III. Suitability for forage crops cultivation. Soil science, agrochemistry and ecology, vol. XLVI, 1: 42-50.
    Tsolova V., M. Jokova, 2005. Surface Charges Characteristics in Reclaimed Lands at Chukurovo Mine Region. Ed. Marin R. Mehandjiev et al. Ecology and Industry, vol. 7, 2:260-262. Pub. Balkan Academy of Science and Culture, Sofia.
    Tsolova V., L. Petrova, S. Marinova, 2006. Humus Substances in Sewage Sludge Produced by Waste Water Treatment Station in Sofia, Bulgaria. Journal of Balkan cology, vol. 9, 2:215-217.
    Tsolova V., S. Marinova, M. Banov, 2006. Suitability of Clayey Substrata Containing Industrial Gypsum for Agricultural Utilization. Journal of Balkan cology, vol. 9, 2:209-214.

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