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Paunka Bozhinova - CV

Paunka Mladenova


University of Forestry

Office: University of Forestry, 10 Kliment Ohridski Bld.

Faculty of Agronomy

Department General Agriculture, Sofia

Phone: Tel.: (+359 2) 91907*361; Fax: (+359 2) 8688449;
E-mail: p_bojinova@yahoo.com; p_bojinova@mail.bg

Born: 17.03.1947, Valchedram, district Montana

Education: Agricultural Academy 1975, Agronomist

Degrees: PhD 1979 , Senior Researcher 1986, Assos. Professor 2003.

Key research topics: Land evaluation, Cadastre, Land contamination and plant, Assessment of Polluted Soils, Risk assessment, Regimes of land use.

1990,2001 Bonn, Germany Institute of Soil Science; Mashav Israel; Japan.

Teaching Experience: 1996 1998, 2003 - 2009 Training students and research activity in Pedology and Erosion and Soil Protection

Msc and phD students: Msc 2.

Administrative responsibilities: Head of working group "Methodological guide to the cadastre; Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Nikola Pushkarov Institute of Soil Science, Dean of the Agri Ecological Faculty in Slavic University, Director of the Directorate Science and Education" at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Membership of Scientific Councils:

Member of the Scientific Council at the Institute for decorative plants at Agricultural Academy

International projects after 2000:

* Valev, V.P. Bojinova(1997-2001): Impact of Sewage Sludge and Waste Water Use in Agriculture on the Soil Physical and Chemical Properties. Bilateral project ISS "N. Poushkarov" - Institute of Soil classification and mapping, Larissa, Greece.
* Japenga, JanN. Dinev, P. Bozhinova, D. Dimitrov. "Alternative Biological and Chemical Approaches in Restoration of Heavy Metals Contaminated Soils". In: PhytoDec project "A Decision Support System to quantify cost/benefit relationships of the use of vegetation in the management of heavy metal polluted soils and dredged sediments", Fifth Frame Programe, 2002-2004.
* Development of the alternative possibility for land use in respect to decrease the degradation of soil at health risk assessment around non-ferrous plant KCM-EAD, Plovdiv - SGP Grant Project: BUL/SGP/op4/CORE/07/04.

Membership of Professional Societies:

Balkan Scientific and Educational Center in Ecology and Environment (BSECEE); Bulgarian Soil Sciences Society; Bulgarian Humic Substances Society; International Humic Substances Society; International Society of Soil Science.

Communication Languages: Russian, English, French and German.

Publications: total 130, after 2000 - 42.

Selected papers:

Filcheva E., P. Bojinova, L. Stanislavova, V. Krasteva. 2000. Organic Matter Characteristics of Polluted Soils in the Region of Lead-Zinc smelter. J. Balkan Ecology, v. 3, N 2, 80-85.

Bozhinova, P., Chehlarova-Simeonova, S., Boika Nikolova-Belcheva. 2001. Ecological Approach in the Agricultural lands Irrigation with the aim to secure Profitability of a Field in an Industrial Region. International Symposium Multidisciplinary Approaches to Soil Conservation Strategies, Muncheberg, Germany, 11-12 May, 2001.

Nicolova-Belcheva, B., P.,Bozhinova, S. Chehlarova-Simeonova. 2001. valuation of the Ecological Conditions for Growing Apples and Pears on a Plot of the Sofia Region. 7th International Meeting of Soils with Mediterranean Type of Climate, Valenzano, Bari, Italy, 23-28 September 2001.

Tsadilas C., S. Rousseva, E. Filcheva, P. Bojinova, V. Samaras, K. Chakalov, G. Petkova, L. Stanislavova, I. Christov, S. Marinova, V. Valev, V. Krasteva, T. Popova, H. Setatou 2000. Greek-Bulgarian Research Project in Agroecology: Agricultural Use of Sewage Sludge and Its Impact on Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil. J. Balkan Ecology, v. 3, N 2, 9-48.

E. Miteva, S. Maneva, D. Hristova, P. Bozhinova. 2001. Heavy Metal Accumulation in Virus Infected Tomatoes, Jurnal of Pytopathology, vol. 149 (3-4), p. 179-184.

Bozhinova, P., E. Filcheva, G. Petkova, I. Yanakieva. 2002. Heavy Metal Uptake by Plants from Sewage Sludge Amended Soils. First Pedologica Days in Slovakia. Conference with International Participation, Rackova Dolina, High Tatras, 19-21 June 2002, Slovac Republic.

Bozhinova, P., E. Zheleva, N. Dinev. 2004. Heavy Metal Pollution in the Region of Kardjali Lead-Zink Smelter and Possibilities for Phytoremediation. International Conference on Bioremediation of Soils and Groundwater 05-08 September 2004, Crakow, Poland.

Yanakieva, I., P. Bozhinova. 2004. Ecological State of Farm Land in Bulgaria and Measures for its Preservation and Improvement. Conference with International Participation Use of Land Fund in Czech Republic after Accession in the EU, 11-15 October 2004, Spindlerov Mlyn, Czech Republic.

Yanakieva I., P. Bojinova. 2004. Selling-Buying the Farm Land in Bulgaria during the Pre-accession Period to the EU, In International Conference Economic Conditions for the Use of Land Funds in the Czech Republik after the Accession to the EU, October, 11-15, Spindlerov Mlyn, Czech Republic.

Bozhinova P., Elena Zheleva. 2005. Characteristics of the climatic conditions in regions with Vertisols in connection with their land evaluation. Scientific reports of the National Conference with international participation of Nikola Pushkarov Institute of Soil Science, Sofia, Management, Use and Conservation of Soil Resources, 15-19 May.

Risina, M., P. Bozhinova, I. Yanakieva. 2006. Problems of Landownership and Land use in Republic of Bulgaria and Possibilities of Market for their Solution. Conference of the Research Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics Land Market and Agricultural Use of Land after EU Enlargement, Novy Smokovec, 2-6.10.2006, pp.69-81.

Zheleva, E., P. Bozhinova, I. Yanakieva, P. Petrov. 2006. Ecological preconditions to build up a tailings pond and preservation of the adjacent lands from dust emissions pollution .International Scientific Conference of the Research Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics Land Market and Agricultural Use of Land after EU Enlargement, Slovakia, Novy Smokovec, 2-6.10.2006, pp.118-128.

Bozhinova, P., V. Krasteva, I. Yanakieva, E. Zheleva. 2006. Status of the Agricultural Branch and Potential Possibilities of Soil Resources in Region Montana, Bulgaria. Conference of the Research Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics Land Market and Agricultural Use of Land after EU Enlargement, Novy Smokovec, 2-6.10.2006, pp.129-144.

Bojinova, P., E. Zheleva. 2007. Consequences for soils after interrupting activity of Silistra industrial zone. In: Collection of International seminar papers The influence of EU agricultural policy on land use and rural development, Spindleruv Mlyn, Cheska republika 8-11 October 2007, . 142-147.

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