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Natalia Andreeva - CV

Nataliya Lyudmilova Andreeva

Assistant, PhD

ISSAP N. Poushkarov Sofia

Office: ISS N. Poushkarov,

7 Shousse Bankya str., 1080 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359) 888535436; E-mail: natalizivkova@yahoo.com

Born: 07.09.1980, Kubrat

Education: doctorate degree from Sofia University  2014

Degrees: PhD

Key research topics:
mineralogy, geochemistry, weathering processes, soil chemistry, soil organic matter, mountain soil, alkaline and salty soil

Ernst Mach Grant in BOKU, Vienna, Austria, 01.10. 2006 31.01.2007 and 01.10.2007 31.01. 2008,

COST, Action ESSEM 1104: Arid Lands Restoration and Combat of Desertification, Training course Lisbon, Portugal

Membership of Professional Societies: BGS, BHSS

Communication Languages: English, German, Russian

Publications: 19 in the Proc. books from international conferences

Selected papers:

1.   Zhivkova, N., P. Petrov, K. Markova, F. Ottner, A. Mentler. 2007. Some geochemical and mineralogical features of soil samples from the high parts of Vitosha mountain. In: Conference Collection of Papers, 7-th International Scientific Conference, Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection, SGEM 2007, Bulgaria, p. 186 187

2.      Zhivkova N., A. Mentler, K. Markova, F. Ottner, P. Petrov 2007. Preliminary investigations of high-mountain soils from Bulgaria Vitosha Mountain. In: Book of Abstract from 5th International Congress of ESSC 2007, Italy, p. 458

3.      Teoharov, M., B. Hristov, N. Zhivkova. 2009. Ecological genesis and formation of Regosols form hilly part of Danube plane. General and Applied Plant Physiology, Volume 35 (3-4), p. 188 194

4.      Zhivkova, N., V. Koutev, E. Zlatareva. 2011. Spatial distribution of soluble salts in Southeast Bulgaria Kermen soil monitoring site. In: 14. Gumpensteiner Lysimetertagung 2011. ISBN: 978-3-902559-61-6. Austria, p. 195 198

5.      Nikova, I., N. Zhivkova. 2011. Brief reference of ameliorants used in Bulgaria for acid and alkalin soils, Proceedings international conference 100 years Bulgarian soil science, 16-20 may 2011, Sofia, p. 934 939

6.      Andreeva, N., E. Filcheva, B. Hristov. 2011. Composition of Organic Matter into Magnesium Saline Soils from Bulgaria. In: Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology. Vol. XLV, 1 4, p. 64 68

7.      Andreeva, N., E. Filcheva, K. Markova. 2011. Organic Matter in a Weakly Developted Soils from Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. In: Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology. Vol. XLV, 1 4, p. 68 72

8.      Andreeva, N., E. Filcheva, K. Markova. 2012. Diagnostic of organic compounds in high-mountain Peat soils. In: M. Sahin Dundar, Mustafa Demir, Murat Tuna, Ahmet Tutar, M. Rustu Karaman, Mumin Dizman (Eds.). I. Ulusal Humik Madde Kongresi, 6 9 June 2012. Sakarya University Turkey, Faculty of Arts and Science, Journal of Arts and Science. Vol. 14, No 1, 629-636.

9.      Hristov, B. N. Andreeva, G. Dochev. 2013. Saline soils from high fields of West Bulgaria. Water Affairs, 3/4, p. 19 22

10.      Koutev, V., N. Andreeva, E. Zlatareva. 2013. Spatial variation of salines parameters of Kermens monitoring grid for observing saline soils. In: Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology. Vol. XLVII, 1, p.57-63.


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