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Miglena Zhiyanski - CV

Miglena Kircheva Zhiyanski     Forest Research Institute-Bulgarian academy of Sciences

Forest Research Institute, BAS, 132 Kliment Ohridski Blvd.,1756 Sofia  Bulgaria

Phone: (+359 2) 9620442; Fax: (+359 2) 9620447; E-mail: zhiyanski@abv.bg

Born: 30.11.1976 Sofia, Bulgaria

Education: University of Forestry, Forest Research Institute, BAS,

Degrees: Doctorate

Key research topics:
Forest ecology

Fellowships: University of Franche-Comte, Besancon, France, 2005, 2006 University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, UK, 2008,2009

Teaching Experience: Exercises in Agroforestry, Agrarian University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2006 Lectures under ERASMUS Programme, University of LAquila, Italy, 2014

MSc and PhD students: 1 PhD student in FRI-BAS, 2013-2016

Administrative responsibilities: FRI-BAS: PhD student 2000-2004; engineer-forester 2005, assistant researcher - 2006-2011, associate professor 2011 - present

Membership of Scientific Councils: Scientific Council of FRI-BAS, since 2013 MC member in COST Actions FP0803, ES1203, FP1204 and FP1305

Organization membership:
 International Humic Substances Society, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Soil science Society

International projects after 2000:  

2013-2015 leader from Bulgaria of Land-use and management impacts on carbon sequestration in mountain ecosystems, Bulgarian-Swiss Programme Researches 2011-2016, leader from Switzerland Dr. Jens Leifeld;

2009 2013 leader of Soil carbon pools and fluxes in soil-to-plant system in urban forest parks, Scientific Researches Fund (SRF), MEYS, Bulgaria;

2010 2014 participant in Role of belowground phythomass in annual fixation of CO2 in forest ecosystems of main tree species in Bulgaria, SRF, MEYS, leader Dr. Violeta Dimitrova, University of Forestry;

2008 2009 leader of Investigation on soils in urban forest parks in Glasgow region, UWS, UK, Leverhulme Trust, supervisor Prof. A. Hursthouse;

2005-2007 participant in Elaboration of methodology for collection, analyses and verification of data from forests in national GHGs inventory, Energy Institute LTD.;

2005-2007 leader of Study and modeling of radiocaesium transfer in soil-to-plant system in forest ecosystems, SRF, MEYS;

2009 2010 participation in Mathematical modeling of soil organic matter in mountain forest ecosystems, leader Prof. Maria Grozeva, International cooperation BAS;

2010, participant in Programme of measures for adaptation of forests in Republic of Bulgaria and mitigation the negative impact of climatic changes on them, leader Prof. Ivan Raev, EFA, Topic 5 Carbon sequestration.


Communication Languages: English, Russian, Deutsche

Publications: >50

Selected papers:

Zhiyanski, ., V. Doichinova, K. Petrov. 2013. The social aspects and role of green infrastructure in mitigating climatic changes at regional level. Proceedings of 3rd International Conference Ecology of urban areas 2013, Zrenjanin, October 11, 2013, Serbia, 451-459.

Zhiyanski, M., M. Glushkova. 2013. Carbon storage in European chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) ecosystems in Belasitsa Mountain, SW Bulgaria. Silva Balcanica, 14 (1), under press.

Donkova, R., M. Zhiyanski, V. Doichinova. 2013. Microbiological Characteristics of Urban Soils in Forest Parks from Sofia and Sandanski. Journal of Balkan Ecology (under press).

Doichinova, V., Zhiyanski, M., Hursthouse, A., Bech., J. 2014. Study on the mobility and bioavailability of PTEs in soils from Urban Forest Parks in Sofia, Bulgaria. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, in press: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gexplo.2014.03.011

Dimitrova, V., M. Zhiyanski. 2011. Biomass and carbon in grasses from urban forest parks in Sofia. Journal of Balkan Ecology, Vol.14, No.2, 187-195.

Zhiyanski, M., M. Sokolovsky, E. Georgieva, I. Jordanov. 2011. Soil organic matter in urban forest parks. Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology, vol XLV, Annex 1-4, 121-126.

Zhiyanski, M., M. Sokolovska, J. Bech, A. Clouvas, I. Penev, V. Badulin. 2010. 137Cs in grass vegetation and in different compartments of oak trees. Journal of nvironmental Radioactivity, 101(10):864-8.

Zhiyanski, M., M. Sokolovska, T. Dimitrova. 2009. SOC stock in different forest-related land-uses in central Stara Planina Mountain, Bulgaria. LANDCON Conference 05, 2009, Tara Mountain, Serbia. In: Bulletin of Serbia Geographical Society TOME LXXXIX- N 4, UDC 911.2:63(23)(497.2), 99-107.

Zhiyanski, ., . Sokolovska, I. Penev. 2009. 22 years after Chernobyl accident. Journal of Bulgarian academy of Sciences, year ղ, 3/2009, 49-55.

Zhiyanski, M., Jaume Bech, M. Sokolovska, E. Lucot, Joan Bech, P.M. Badot. 2008. Cs-137 distribution in forest floor and surface soil layers from two mountainous regions in Bulgaria. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Elsevier, Volume 96, Issue 2-3, February-March 2008, . 256-266.

Zhiyanski, M., K. Kolev, A. Hursthouse, M. Sokolovska. 2008. Land-use change effects on soil organic carbon and nitrogen contents in ecosystems from Central Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria. Journal of Balkan Ecology, 4, 397-411.

Zhiyanski, M., K. Kolev, M. Sokolovska, A. Hursthouse. 2008. Tree species effect on soils in Central Stara Planina Mountains. Bulgarian Forest Science, 4, 65-82.


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