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Ivan Pachev - CV

Ivan Diankov Pachev

 Institute of Viticulture and Enology


1 "Kala Tepe" str., 5800 Pleven


Phone: (+359 64)  822423  E-mail: Iv_Pachev@abv.bg

Born: 24.03.1956, Toros, obl. Lovech, Bulgaria

Education: Kharkov Agrarian National University - Ukraina

Degrees: PhD. 1997; Assoc. Prof. - 2005

Key research topics:
Humus, Soil fertility, agro chemistry, forage crops, humus free reclamation

Moscow State University, Department Chemistry of soil organic matter; 1990 . Supervisor - Prof. D.S. Orlov

Administrative responsibilities:  Director of  Institute of Viticulture and Enology

Membership of Scientific Councils:

Scientific Councils, Institute of Forage Crops - Pleven

International projects after 2000: Leader of projects with the Ukraine theme Breeding and ecological variety testing of pea for grain and whole plant use with the Institute of Plant-growing V. Ya. Yuriev and the Kharkov National State University V. V. Dokuchaev

Membership of Professional Societies:


Communication Languages: Russian, Polish, English

Publications: 61

Selected papers:

Pachev I., Krastanov S., 1997. Agronomical aspects of humus state of the main soil differences in Central North Bulgaria. Jubilee Scientific Session Acad. P. Popov, Plovdiv, pp. 315 320.

Pachev I., Krastanov S., 1998. State of organic matter in some soils of Central North Bulgaria. Soil Science, Agro chemistry and Ecology, 3, 50 53.

Pachev I., 1999. The threshold of reaction capacity of the humus an objective criterion for assessment of the cultural soil-forming process. Plant Science 36, 25 27.

Pachev I., 1999. Process of humus formation in some natural Mountains ecosystems. Science for the Forest, No. ½, 61 68.

I. Pachev, 2000. Content of true Humic Substances and Detritus after different times of ploughing in soil. BHSS-BSTRS Conference, Bororvec, 58 60.

Pachev I., 2001. Influence of natural conditions and agricultural practices on the state of soil organic matter. Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology, 4-6, 171-172.

Pachev I., Dimitrov I., Krastanov S., 2002. Humus free recultivation as an element of sustainable agriculture. Journal HNAU, 1, Kharkov, 68 73.

Pachev, I., Pacheva, T., 2005. Detritus content and methods of Study. National Conference with international participation Management, use and protection of soil resources, 15-19 May, SOFIA .

Pachev I., .Filcheva., Dimitrov I.,2007, Soil Organic Matter composition according to SoilTillige and Fertlization of Alfalfa growing.Proceeding, Intrational Conference 60 years Inst. of Soil Science, 13-17.05. Sofia, 187-192.

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