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Irena Atanassova - CV

Irena Dimitrova Atanassova

ISS N. Poushkarov Sofia

Office: ISS N. Poushkarov,

7 Shousse Bankya str., 1080 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359 2) 8242156; Fax: (+359 2) 8248937; E-mail: i.d.atanassova@abv.bg

Born: 03.07.1963 Sofia

Education: MSci., Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University Kl. Ohridski

Degrees: ISS N. Poushkarov phD in Soil Science, Assoc. Prof.

Key research topics:
* Soil Chemistry;

* Soil mineralogy;

* Heavy metals;

* Lipids and organic pollutants.

* Reading University, UK;

* Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan;

* Bonn University, Germany;

* Swansea University, Wales, UK.

Administrative responsibilities: Head, X-Ray Lab, Head, Soil Chemistry Department, Nikola Poushkarov Institute of Soil science.

Organization membership:

International projects after 2000: Phytodec, WateReuse.

Communication Languages: English, Russian

Publications: 38.

Selected papers:

J. Mataix-Solera, L. García-Irles, A. Morugan, S.H. Doerr, F. Garcia-Orenes, I. Atanassova, Navarro, M.A. Ayguadé, H. 2009. Soil water repellency patterns following long-term irrigation with waste water in a sandy calcareous soil, SE Spain.EGU. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 11, EGU2009-0, 2009.

I. Atanassova, S. Doerr 2008. Organic compounds related to soil hydrophobicity in total extracts from accelerated solvent extraction (ASE). Book of Abstracts, Eurosoil Congress, pp 220.

I. Atanassova, S. Doerr 2008. Changes in organic compounds characteristics associated with heat-induced increases and elimination of water repellency in soils. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 10, EGU2008-A-08186, 2008.

Teoharov, M and I.Atanassova, 2006. Morphological and mineralogical analysis of alluvial meadow soils (fluvisols) from the region of Sofia wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 12:789-796.

Atanassova, I., M. Teoharov, S. Marinova and E. Filcheva. 2006. Sewage Sludge Storage on Soils around a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Impact on Some Soil Properties. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 12, 51-62

Atanassova I. and G. Brümmer. 2004. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons of anthropogenic and biopedogenic origin in a colluviated hydromorphic soil of Western Europe, Geoderma, 120, 27-34.

Atanassova and R. Ilieva, 2003. Adsorption of Cu by smectite and kaolinite clays from natural deposits in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science. 9, 673-678.

Atanassova, I., 1999. Competitive effect of copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel on ion adsorption and desorption by soil clays. Water, Air and Soil Pollution,113, 115-125.

Atanassova, I. and M. Okazaki. 1997. Adsorption - desorption characteristics of high levels of copper in soil clay fractions. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 98, 213-228. Atanassova, I. 1995. Adsorption and desorption of Cu at high equilibrium concentrations by soil and clay samples from Bulgaria. Environmental Pollution, 87, 17-21.

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ISS "N. POUSHKAROV", 7, Shousse Bankya Str., 1080 Sofia, Bulgaria; Tel: +359 2  824 87 44; -mail: bhss_2009@abv.bg