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Emilia Velizarova - CV

Emiliya Georgieva Velizarova

Forest Research Institute

BAS, Sofia

Office: Forest Research Institute

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

132 Kl. Ohridsky str. 1752 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359 2) 962 04 42; Fax: (+359) 2 962 04 47; E-mail: velizars@abv.bg

Born: 1962, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Education: M.Sc. in Soil Science and Agrochemitry, 1988, Moskow State Univerity

Degrees: PhD, 1993, Moskow State University

Key research topics:
* Research and project coordination in soil science soil organic matter, heavy metal pollution, soil fertility, soil physics, soil chemistry, soil degradation erodibility, acidification, soil mapping.

* Ecology forest ecosystems, impact of forest fires. Training supervisor and/or consultant of master and PhD students

Post-doctoral, FCT- UNL, Portugal, 2000 - 2002, Electrochemical remediation of soil

Msc and phD students: Msc - one and PhD student - one

Selected International projects (after 2000):
* Working project for biological and technical strengthening of the river Rakovitca watershed funded by MOEW and State forestry agency (2000 2002) team member
* Development of the methodological instruction for forest land recovery after forest fires - funded by MOEW and State forestry agency (2000-2003) team member
* Programa Operacional "Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação - Project funded by Ministerio da Ciência e Tecnologia, Lisboa, Portugal (2000 2002) - team member
* Assessment and mapping of critical loads for acidity by sulphur, nitrogen and heavy metals in soils from Bulgaria as a part of the EMEP set (50/50 Km) - funded by MOEW and State Forestry Agency ( 2005, 2007) team member
* E-GIS distance training course - funded by European Programme Leonardo da Vinci (2004) team member
* Community based rehabilitation of degraded land in Balkan countries - funded by GEF (2007) team member
* MONITOR Hazard Monitoring for Risk Assessment and Risk Communication is an INTERREG III B CADSES - project supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)( 2007 - 2008) team member
* Investigation of the soil erosion as a factor of the desertification processes through methods used in Bulgaria and Macedonia (2008 2009) funded by Ministry of Education and Science head of the team
* Electro-remediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Soils and Waste project in frame of the Cultural Agreement between Portugal and Bulgaria funded by Ministry of the external affairs, Bulgaria and Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Portugal (2008, 2009) head of the team from Bulgaria
* COST Action FP0701 Post-fire forest management in Southern Europe, member of the Management committee (2008- 2012).

Membership of Scientific Councils: Scientific Councils at Forest Research Institute

Membership of Professional Societies:  Union of soil scientists in Bulgaria; Bulgarian of Humic Substances Society; IHSS; International Membrane Society.

Communication Languages: Russian, English

Publications: more than 100

Selected papers:

Doichinova V., Sokolovska, M., Velizarova, E. 2006. Heavy metals contamination of soils under oak ecosystems in the Sofia region. Environmental Chemistry Letters, (4), 101-105.

Velizarova E., I. Ts. Marinov, Vl. Konstantinov. 2006. Forest fires dynamics, assessment and ecological consequences. Forest science. 1, 75-91 (in Bulgarian).

Velizarova E. 2006. Characteristic of soils in natural forests of Picea abies (L.) Karsten in Rila mountain. In: Environment and structure of the spruce forests in Rila mountain. Ed. Prof Iv Raev, Pentsoft. Sofia_Moscow , 220 (in Bulgarian).

Assesment and monitoring of the polluted area on the forests. 2006. In: State of the forest in Bulgaria. 20 years monitoring. Ed. B Rosnev, Sofia, 239. (in Bulgarian).

Velizarova E., J. Bech, M. Sokolovska, A. Lansac. 2006. Human Activities, Soil Properties and Landscape Relations in Two Mountain Regions in Bulgaria. 18th World Congress of Soil Science July 9-15, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Doichinova V., Velizarova, E. 2007. Comparative study of soils under oak plantations from urban and natural ecosystems. In: Proceedings of International conference 60-Years Institute of soil science Nikola Poushkarov Soil science - base for sustainable agriculture and environment protection. May 13 17, 2007, Sofia, Part I, 568 571. (in Bulgarian)

Sokolovska M., E. Velizarova, J. Bech. 2007. Content of cu in brown forest soils from anthropogenically influenced and undisturbed mountain regions in Bulgaria. In: Proceedings of International conference 60-Years Institute of soil science Nikola Poushkarov Soil science - base for sustainable agriculture and environment protection. May 13 17, 2007, Sofia, Part II. 501 504.

Petrova, L., D. Stojcheva, E. Velizarova, N. Artinova. 2007. Effects of long-term cultivation of maize as a monoculture and mineral fertilization on the humus of an alluvial meadow soil from Bulgaria. In: Proceeding book of the Communications presented to the International Symposium on Organic Matter Dynamics in Agro-Ecosystems. Poitiers France . July 16 19, 2007. Editor: Abad Chabbi, p. 432 434.

Velizarova E., Tashev A. N. 2008. Changes in some soil properties of coniferous stands influenced by fire in the Osogovo mountain (Bulgaria). In: Fires in forest ecosystems of Siberia. Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference with international participation Krasnoyarsk, N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Siberian Br., Russian Academy of Sciences Krasnoyarsk, Russia Ed. Cvetcov P.A., 198-200.

Velizarova E., I. Ts. Marinov. 2008. Soil functions as a component of environment and main degradation processes. Ecology and future. (submitted) (in Bulgarian).

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