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Elena Zheleva - CV

Elena Ivanova Zheleva


University of Forestry,


Office: University of Forestry, 10, Kl. Ohridski Bld.

Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture

Department Ecology, protection and remediation

of the environment, Sofia

Tel.: (+359 2) 91907*361; Fax: (+359 2) 8688449; E-mail:zheleva41@abv.bg

Born: 25.09.1941, v. Obrutchishte, district Stara Zagora

Education: University of Forestry, Landscape architect 1963

Degrees: PhD - 1973, professor - 2003.

Key research topics:
* Land Reclamation;

* Land contamination;

* Urban environment.

1988 Voronezh, RF; Oxford Brookes University

Teaching Experience: 1973 2009 Training students and research activity Reclamation the lands & Urban ecology

Msc and phD students: more then 120 Msc and 6 phD

Administrative responsibilities: Department Head Ecology, protection and remediation of the environment ; Vice Director of the Balkan Scientific and Educational Center in Ecology and Environment (BSECEE)

Membership of Scientific Councils:

Member of the Specialized Scientific Council at the High Attestation Committee on Plant Protection and Agriecology

International projects after 2000: Contract 2006-074-POG - the preparation of a methodology and guidance for recording and reporting of areas with contaminated soil, according to the requirements of the Ordinance for the inventory and studies of areas with contaminated soil, the necessary remedial measures, and the maintenance of realized remedial actions; Technical project "rehabilitation and reconstruction of street network and build energy street lighting and measures to improve the security of public seats in the the Technical project "rehabilitation and reconstruction of street network and build energy street lighting and measures for improving security in public places in the territory of the municipality Beloslav". Part "Device of parks and urban development. Europe Aid/122660/D/SER/BG. Technical assistance for capacity building and development projects, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. 2008, Sofia

Membership of Professional Societies:

Association of Scientists in Bulgdria; Balkan Scientific and Education Center of Ecology and Environment; Bulgarian Society of Soil Sciences; Bulgarian Scientific Society for Forestry; World Association of Soil and Water Conservation; Bulgarian Humic Substances Society; International Humic Substances Society; International Society of Soil Science; Balkanic ecological association (B.E.N.A).

Communication Languages: Russian, English, French

Publications: after 2000 - 37

Selected papers:

Zheleva, E., A. Tsenkova, J. Ivancheva. 2002. Typical climatic features in the area of the Mini Maritza East and their relationship with the biological reclamation of damaged land. Journal Forestry thought, 1-2, god.8, Sofia. Page 5 - 68.

Zheleva, El., M. Tsolova. 2003. Rehabilitation of disturbed terrenes for the purpose of the urban green system . p. 113-118. Ecology and Industry. Book 5, N1-3. (in Bulgarian).

Zheleva, E. 2003. Some aspects of the soil forming process to re-cultivated soil heaps in the mining area of Maritza East. Biological reclamation of disturbed lands. Proceedings of the International Meeting, 3-7 June 2002. Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch. Botanic Garden. Ekaterinburg. 93 - 103.

Zeleva, E., M.Tsolova. 2003. Assessment to the soil pollution of the disturbed terrain by the spoil-pit Benkovski. First conference on Environmental protection and assessment. Bucharest.

Zheleva, El., M. Tsolova. 2004. Soil pollution by heavy metals in the region of the reserve Baltata (Black Sea), p. 158- 162. Proceedings of the 2 nd International Workshop on Inegrated Soil and water Protection : Risks from Diffuse Pollution (SOWA) Tubinger Geowissenschaftliche Arbeiten, C80, 2004.

Zheleva ,El., Iv.Bogdanov. 2006. Aquaparks from old sand-gravel pits. Ecoworld. The V year, issue 2/2006, p. 74 76 (in Bulgarian).

Zhelev, E., P. Bozhinova (2007): Soil pollution in Kardzhali region and possibilities of its remediation and use: In the Sat. "Biological reclamation and monitoring of the disturbed land." Intern. science. Conf. Ekaterinburg 4-8 June 2007, Izd Ural.un Press, 2007, p. 218-234.

Bojinova, P., E. Zheleva (2007): Consequences for soils after interrupting activity of Silistra industrial zone. In: Collection of International seminar papers The influence of EU agricultural policy on land use and rural development, Spindleruv Mlyn, Cheska republika 8-11 October 2007, . 142-147.

Zheleva, El. 2008. Analysis of the ecological conditions in the area of Bobov dol mines Ltd. in relation to the reclamation of the damaged terrains. . II Međunarodni naučno-stručni skup Remedijacia, stanje I perspective u zastiti zivotne sredine14.i15. maj 2008. godine. Privredna Komora Srbije. Beograd.

Bozhinova, P. & Zheleva, E. 2008. Experience and practical results of phytoremediation on hevy metal polluted lands. Proceeding book Blacksea International Environmental Simposium. BIES08. August 25-29, 2008-Giresun/Turkey.

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